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How To Make A Fortune In 2020 With Love Tarot

Introducing The True Love Answers Tarot Reading "Forever Funnel" by Heart Mind Productions

Dear Potential Affiliate,

Are you ready to promote something new that your audience will LOVE YOU for?

Lets face it:  VSL offers are tired!  Your audience has seen VSLs a million times from a million people.  At this point, they've been trained to click off a VSL the moment they see it, before the video starts to play.  

Do they work?  Sure.  You get killer EPCs that day... IF the offer is good.  

But then what?  You just sent tons of traffic to someone's offer, and only the impulsive "hot buyers" jumped on it?  The rest left the page and will never return?

Sure, some vendors have an Autoresponder to boost sales...

But in today's high-tech age, who ever really uses the same device every single time?  How good is a vendor's cookie if they clicked your Hop Link from their phone, but purchase through the vendor's Autoresponder email on their computer?  What happens then?  

Typically, the vendor gets 100% of your money for YOUR lead.  Is that really how you want to grow your affiliate marketing business?  One 'lucky shot" at a time?  

Of course not!

That's why smart marketers are now turning to the Forever Funnel to send their traffic - because you get paid for every lead you send.


Here's How It Works:

Our unique and interactive Online Tarot Reading software not only gives your prospects a wonderful, personalized experience - it goes a step beyond for our affiliate partners.

When you send a lead who provides their email, your Hop ID is stored with that email lead inside our system.  

After their initial Free Love Reading, your prospect will receive their results - like most Astrology or Numerology readings you may send traffic to.  

But here's where it gets insanely profitable your approved affiliates:

Unlike Astrology or Numerology readings which are based on a prospects birthday, a Tarot reading is based on the energy of the moment, kind of like a weather gauge.  This means, they don't just want ONE reading, they want a new reading every day - or sometimes SEVERAL times a day!

That's why our Autoresponder doesn't just give amazing content from Crystal Aryana, it gives your prospects NEW DAILY TAROT READINGS with a chance to draw brand new cards, and read the same sales message over and over again until they buy.  The seven touch rule is real!

They may purchase that day. It may be next week. It could even be several months from now...

But eventually, they will get a reading that is so SPOT ON that they cannot HELP but to finally buy.

And, guess what?  

We recycle your Hop ID with advanced Clickbank Redirect code so that YOU get credit for EVERY PURCHASE your prospect ever makes - no matter what device they use, or how long they have been on our list.  100% YOU will get paid - forever.  

AND... your custom affiliate link is not just re-used in our Autoresponder - it goes into every single broadcast we send, which always has a "get your daily reading" call to action at the end.  

Over time, instead of having to hunt down a hot new offer to promote every time, you can watch your Clickbank sales grow while we continue to provide them with great content.  You literally don't have to do anything other than send clicks.  We take care of the rest.

If you are approved, you too can take part of our affiliate program, and begin to build EQUITY with each lead you send.  

To be considered, please fill out the form below.  We will respond within one week, and may ask to meet with you for verification.  If you a super affiliate, please let us know the size of your audience and any offers you may own.  We are happy to provide custom swipe and promotional materials.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

To Making you a Fortune in 2020,

Adam and Crystal

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